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So, you have been designated the task of planning a Gender Neutral Baby Shower. While, for many years, these events have transformed from fun-and-games affairs for the mother-to-be with simply women to celebrations with guys also existing, the objective remains practically the very same: for the parents to obtain the essentials for their new infant, often the very first kid. After you have assembled your team to plan  your Baby Shower Ideas, you should consider the following:

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  • Baby Shower Images
  • Baby Shower Background
  • Baby Shower Backdrop
  • Baby Shower Banner
  • Baby Shower Balloons
  • Baby Shower Gifts For Guests

These are important factors when planning your Baby Shower.  If you are going for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower you will want to know – just how does this influence your planning?

Diaper Party Ideas

Baby Shower - Diaper


For several modern child showers, a diaper cake has actually become a vital fixture as well as offers a two-fold objective. On a standard level, the multi-tiered display screen gives new moms and dads several essential child things: a big starting supply of baby diapers, approximately 150 in some cases, and other fundamentals, from coverings to apparel to teething playthings.

Yet, the layout suggests to guests which gender the moms and dads expect, so if neither daddy neither mom has exposed the gender, what should you do when picking a diaper cake?


As pretty as pink is or as attractive blue can be, they’re, however, dead giveaways to the gender of a new child as well as, if the kid’s sex isn’t known, may incorrectly lead participants into believing or else. As a result of this, diaper cake makers supply their items in gender-neutral colors.

Yellow or green, in this regard, is one of the most common but not the only choice. Red, relying on the style, or perhaps orange is a joyful and enjoyable opportunity without sex connotations connected.


The motif frequently ties a baby diaper cake with each other, however, on a lesser level, may mean the gender of a kid. Although pink or blue is an overt choice that can be averted, a red-colored, sports-themed baby diaper cake sends out a signal that may be a young boy will certainly be a possibility for the parents-to-be.

As opposed to worrying about concerns from guests, pick a neutral style in addition to color. For lots of party coordinators, gender-neutral diaper cakes present a wide range of animal options – with monkey-themed cakes being customer favored!

Collaborating With The Remainder Of The Decoration

Diaper cakes aren’t simply a versatile gift – they’re part of an event’s decoration. Thus, the cake’s look, whether you choose the eco-friendly, orange, or a mix, needs to match the remainder of the event’s design, from typical balloons or banners to the plates of any kind of dishes or hors d’oeuvres are served on. Consider this element as you order all products prior to the big day.

Other Ideas For Your Baby Shower Ideas:

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